The 16th Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop on 21-22 January 2017

at Chikhaldara

We are happy to announce the first regional meeting under the flagship of the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons- The 16th Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop at Chikhaldara to be held on 21-22 January 2017. This will be followed by CME on Management of Thyroid disorders on 23rd January 2017. We are fortunate to have received unprecedented support from national and international faculty who hold positions of stalwarts in the field of thyroid surgery.
We urge all ISTS members and thyroid enthusiasts across the country for their active participation.
Attached here is the brochure for the workshop. The ISTSoffice would be pleased to assist you with registration or any other information as required.



Dr. Madan Kapre
Dr.Prathamesh Pai
Dr. K.K. Thankkappan

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