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Incidence of thyroid disease has seen an exponential rise in the past few decades across the globe. Management of thyroid disorders requires an integrated team effort between head and neck surgeons, general surgeons, otolaryngologists, endocrinologists and nuclear medicine physicians.

This made apparent the need to gather all the luminaries in the field of management of thyroid cancers across the specialties and from across the length and breadth of our country to share their experience and wisdom. The aim is to raise the academic bar at a national level and have an opportunity to interact with experts across the specialties who have made considerable and commendable contribution in the science of thyroid cancer management in our country.

Our attempt is also to bring out some consensus on guidelines which can best address our patients given our infrastructure constraints, limitations of training and research facilities. It will be a great academic and constructive step towards uniform patient management with sound evidence based philosophy across our country.In brief, we would like to break the myth of “Low resource, High Volume” and come up with scientific guidelines suited to all of us in all different locations. Therefore, the formation of Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons, a dedicated body for better research and development in the field of thyroid.

Dr. Madan Kapre
Founder President

Director ,
Neeti Clinics, Nagpur

Dr. Prathamesh Pai
Founder Secretary

Professor ,
Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Krishnakumar Thankappan
Founder Treasurer

Professor ,
Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Subramania Iyer

Professor and Head,
Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences

Dr. Amit Agrawal
Council Member

Professor and Head,
Dept of Endocrine surgery, SGPGI,

Dr. Anil D'Cruz
Council Member

Director, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Professor, Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, TMH Mumbai

Dr. Ashok Shenoy
Council Member

Professor and Head,
Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Kidwai Memorial Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Deepak Abraham
Council Member

Professor and Head,
Dept of Endocrine surgery, CMC Vellore

Dr. Moni Kuriakose
Council Member

Professor and Director,
Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi
Council Member

Dept of Head and Neck Surgery, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Jyoti Dabholkar
Editor Journal

Professor and Head,
Dept of ENT-HNS KEM Hospital, Mumbai


1st National Congress on Management of Thyroid Cancers

The First National Congress on Management of Thyroid Cancers was held on 20th- 21st August 2016. The events included a pre-congress operative workshop, where stalwarts in the field namely Dr. Anil D’cruz, Dr. Amit Agrawal and Dr. Ashok Shenoy performed surgical demonstrations on hemi-thyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy and central compartment neck dissections. The delegates enjoyed a didactic interaction with the operating faculty and were enlightened with the nuances of thyroid surgery. The surgeries were complimented with informative lectures on pre-operative assessment (imaging, cytology included), surgical pearls and post-operative management of thyroid cancers.

The inaugural session saw the official installation of the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons and its administrative body. The governing council members included Dr. Anil D’Cruz, Dr. Amit Agrawal, Dr. Deepak Abraham, Dr. Ashok Shenoy, Dr. Moni Kuriakose, Dr. Madan Kapre with Dr.SubramaniaIyer as the Chairman of the Governing Council and Dr.JyotiDabholkar as the Editor-in-chief for the Journal of the society. The council voted and selected the office bearers for the first term- Founder President Dr. Madan Kapre, Secretary Dr.PrathameshPai and Treasurer Dr. K.K. Thankkappan. The Honourable Chief Minister of Maharasthra state, Mr. DevendrajiFadnavis presided over the meeting and applauded the efforts of the founder members and delegates while inaugurating the meeting and the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons (ISTS). The grand masters of thyroid surgery across the globe also sent their good wishes for the congress and the newly formed ISTS. To name a few, Prof.Jatin Shah, Prof. Ashok Shaha from Memorial Sloan Kettering USA, Prof. Gregory Randoplh from Harvard University USA, Prof. Yasuhiro Ito Japan, Prof. Kyung Tae Korea and Prof. Jeremy Freeman Canada conveyed their sentiment through inspiring congratulatory video messages.

The second day of the congress was a CME programme with stimulating academic content. It featured lectures, case based panel discussions and issue based debates comprehensively covering the important aspects of management of thyroid cancers. The day’s programme also included a special Proffered Papers session which allowed the young aspiring surgeons to showcase their original research work and gain valuable inputs from the senior faculty.

The congress ended with suggestions from the founder members and delegates for future satellite regional meetings focussed on thyroid cancer care around the country.


Messages and Photos
Dr. Jatin Shah message to ISTS
Dr. Kyung Tae message to ISTS
Dr. Jeremy Freeman message to ISTS
Dr. Greg Randolph message to ISTS
Dr. Ashok Shaha message to ISTS
Dr. Ito message to ISTS

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No Name City
1 Madan Kapre Nagpur
2 DM Mahore Nagpur
3 Dr. Abhishek Vaidya Nagpur
4 Dr. Gauri Kapre Vaidya Nagpur
5 Dr. Harsh Karan Gupta Nagpur
6 Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta Nagpur
7 Dr. Jyoti Dabholkar Mumbai
8 Dr. Nirmala Thakkar Nagpur
9 Dr. Vipin Ram Ekhar Nagpur
10 Dr.Samir Chaudhary Nagpur
11 Dr. S.N.Lulay Nagpur
12 Dr. Shailesh Khode -
13 Dr. Lurstep Wanshnong Shziiong
14 D Deepak Abraham Vellore
15 Dr. Bhagyashree Bokare Nagpur
16 Dr. Duvvi Shyam Kiran a.p
17 Dr. R. B. Dehmukh Nagpur
18 Dr. Prathmesh Pai Mumbai
19 Dr. Avinash Deshmukh Nagpur
20 Dr. R. Khandelwal Nagpur
21 Dr R. Ravi Nagpur
22 Dr. P.S.N MURTHY Vijaywada
23 Dr. Surendra Gawrle Nagpur
24 Dr. B.K Sharma Nagpur
25 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Pandey Wardha MH
26 Dr. Shefali Gokhale Pune
27 Dr. Sudhakar Vaidya Ujjain
28 Dr. B.R. Patil Hubli
29 Dr.Saurabh Varshney Rishikesh Uttrakhand
30 Dr. Salil Agrawal Haryana
31 Dr. Jeevan Vedi Nagpur
32 Dr. M. N. Mahore Nagpur
33 Dr. Shilpi Sharma Gurgaon
34 Dr. Bhagyalakshmi Katakwar Nagpur
35 Dr. Rahul Modi Mumbai
36 Dr. Ashish Chikhale Nagpur
37 Dr. Apurva Pawade Nagpur
38 Dr. Sunil Ambulkar Nagpur
39 Dr. P.K. Gandhi Nagpur
40 Dr. Girish moghe Nagpur
41 Dr. Sandip Agrawal Nagpur
42 Dr. himanshu Patil Nagpur
43 Dr. Amit Singhal Jaipur
44 Dr. Viral Chhaya Jamnagar
45 Dr Alok Thakar Delhi
46 Dr. Vikram Kekatpure Bangalore
47 Dr. Vijay Pillai Bangalore
48 Dr. Naresh Panda Chandigarh
49 Dr. Namit Singh Agra
50 Dr. Murad Lala mumbai
51 Dr. Sneha Rathod Washim
52 Dr. Sachin Garud Yavatmal
53 Dr. Aniket Buche Nagpur
54 Dr. Rishi Raj Chandigarh
55 Dr. Mahendra Hada Jaipur
56 Dr. Shamit Chopra Punjab
57 Dr. Samrat Sandip Bose Kolkata
58 Dr. Raj Kumar Chejara New Delhi
59 Dr. Mitali Dandekar Patna
60 Dr. Harsh Dhar Kolkata
61 Dr. Deepa Nair Thane
62 Dr. Prashant lad Kolhapur
63 Dr Manish Munjal Ludhiana
64 Dr. Mitesh Khatri Amravati
65 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Surat
66 Dr. Amit Singh Mumbai
67 Dr. Liza Korambil Nagpur
68 Dr. Bhavna Kamble Wardha MH
69 Dr. Shraddha Jain Wardha MH
70 Dr. R.D Pathak Bilaspur
71 Dr. Priti Dhoke Nagpur
72 Dr. Kanchan Dhote Nagpur
73 Dr. Sonali Khadakkar Nagpur
74 Dr. Vikram Sanghvi Mumbai
75 Dr Moni Abraham Kuriakose Bangalore
76 Dr. Krishnakumar Thankappan Kochi
77 Dr. Himanshul Kala Dehradun
78 Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant Mumbai
79 Dr. Dhirendra Nath Guwahati
80 Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar Nagpur
81 Dr. Kuddush Ahmed Guwahati
82 Dr Amit Agarwal Lucknow
83 Dr. Shawn Joseph Kochi
84 Prof. Gaurav Agrawal Lucknow
85 Dr. S.M. Azeem Mohiyuddin Bangalore
86 Dr Anil D'Cruz Mumbai
87 Dr Anuja Deshmukh Mumbai
88 Dr Ashok Shenoy Bangalore
89 Dr C S Bal Delhi
90 Dr Deepak Sarin Delhi
91 Dr Devendra Chaukar Mumbai
92 Dr Kaushik Chatterjee Nagpur
93 Dr. Subramania Iyer Kochi
94 Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi Mumbai
95 Dr. Sharad Mehta Mt. Abu
96 Dr Shubhada Kane Mumbai
97 Dr. S. Pitale Nagpur
98 Dr. S. Neral Nagpur
99 Dr. Sandip Agrawal Nagpur
100 Dr. Paresh Chavan Pune
101 Dr. Girija Ghate Pune
102 Dr. Nitin Deosthale Nagpur
103 Dr. Vivek Harkare Nagpur
104 Pankaj Chaudhari Nagpur
105 Sanjiv Golhar Nagpur
106 Kamayani Deshpande Nagpur
107 Arun bangdiya Nagpur
108 Dr. Shraddha Deshmukh Nagpur
109 Rishabh Jain -
110 Anirudh Dham kolkata
111 Rakesh Gupta -
112 Sanjay Agarwal -
113 Mohan Kameshwar -
114 Dwarakanath Reddy -
115 Ashish verghese -
116 Dr. Sachin Ingle Jalgaon
117 Dr. Jyotirmay Biswas Kolkata
118 Dr. Sabaretnam Malilvaganan Madurai
119 Dr. Saurabh Bhalchandra Kavi Mumbai
120 Dr. Surekha Ganesh Autee Mumbai
121 Dr. Vishwa Vijetha S.K. Ujire, Karnataka
122 Dr. Chintan Chandrakant Nishar Mumbai
123 Dr. R. Rajavelu Vellore
124 Battalapalli Shri. Hari Rao Tirupati
125 Dr. G.V. Prakash Hyderabad
126 Dr. Anand Kumar Mishra Lucknow
127 Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty Chennai
128 Dr. S. Kannan Chennai
129 Dr. Vijay Bansod Nagpur
130 Dr. Vinay Prakash Singh Azamgarh
131 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tripathi Basti (U.P.)
132 Dr. Mohit Jindal Bareilly (U.P)
133 Dr. Krunal Karade Nagpur
134 Dr. Sekhar Bandyopadhyay Darjelling
135 Dr. Sourav Datta Kolkata
136 Dr. Alka Singhal Delhi
137 Dr. Jibin Thomas Kottayam
138 Dr. Amit Tyagi Delhi
139 Dr. Prasanth Penumadu Puducherry
140 Dr. P. Ravi Sankar Puducherry
141 Dr. Vikrant Vaze Sangli
142 Dr. Sowrabh Kumar Arora New Delhi
143 Dr. Jay Narendra Suratwala Surat
144 Dr. Harendra Kumar Gautam la Kanpur
145 Dr. Ashok Kumar Das Guwahati
146 Dr. Sajith Babu T.P. Thalassery
147 Dr. Vitthal D. Kale Mumbai
148 Dr. Rajjyoti Das Guwahati
149 Dr. Akshat Malik New Delhi
150 Dr. Vidhyadharan S Channai
151 Dr. Samir Mehta Mumbai
152 Dr. Aseem Mishra Kanpur
153 Dr. Saurabh Gupta Delhi
154 Dr. Saumya Singh Lucknow
155 Dr. Chandra Veer Singh Bijnor
156 Dr. Kaberi kakati Guwahati
157 Dr. Kapil Sikka New Delhi
158 Dr. Mandar Deshpande Mumbai
159 Dr. Sudeep Sankar Mumbai
160 Dr. Chintall S.G. Auragabad
161 Dr. Vidisha Taljapurkar Pune
162 Dr. S. N. Jajoo Wardha MH
163 Dr. Vivekanand Singh Lucknow
164 Dr. Paresh Kumar Behera Cuttak
165 Dr. Apmrapali Keny - Pawar Mumbai
166 Dr. Siddharth Shah Thaltej
167 Dr. N. Siddhartha chahravarthi Hyderabad
168 Dr. Laxmidhar Murtaza Ahmedabad
169 Dr. Prashant Pawar Mumbai
170 Dr. Poonam Joshi Mumbai
171 Dr. Chhresh Kumar New Delhi
172 Dr. Apurva Sood Chandigarh
173 Dr. Ashwin Singh Parihar Chandigarh
174 Dr. Subramanian Kannan Bangalore
175 Dr. Gouda Ramesh Hanamkonda

Workshopstay attendance

Get details about workshop and meetings
3rd National Meeting
of the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons

at Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai
on - August 2018.

3rd Congress
of Asia-Pacific Society of Thyoid Surgery

Held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
on - December 7 - 9, 2018.

ISOPES - 2019
International Society Of Oncoplastic Endocrine Surgeons

First Announcement
on - February 15 - 17, 2019.


Past Event

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The 19th Annual International Thyroid Surgical Workshop

at Chikhaldara to be held
in Jan. 30 - 1 Feb 2020.



The 16th
Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop

at Chikhaldara to be held
on - 21-22 January 2017.



3rd World Congress
on Thyroid Cancer

The Westin Boston Waterfront Boston, Massachusetts
on - July 27 – 30, 2017.



Jipmer Thyrocon 2017
Controversies And Consensus In Thyroid Cancer

Live Operative workshop & CME 2017 on Thyroid Cancer
on - April 29 – 30, 2017.

2nd National Conference
of the Indain Society of Thyroid Surgeons

National Congress on Thyroid Disorders
on - November 2017 .

First Announcement of ISOPES - 2019

on - February 15 – 17, 2019.

3rd National Meeting of the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons

on -August 2018.


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