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The 16th Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop

on 21-22 January 2017

16th Annual Thyroid Surgical Camp. The workshop was conducted on 21st and 22nd January under the aegis of Rotary Club of Nagpur South, Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons, Foundation of Head & Neck Oncologists of India and Thyroid Society Nagpur.

Prof Kyung Tae Secretary General, Asia-Pacific society of Thyroid Surgery (APTS), Director, Hanyang University Hospital Cancer Center, Professor, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery College of Medicine, Hanyang University, South Korea is acclaimed Internationally as one of the leading Thyroid Surgeons in the world. His special expertise lies in Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery and Robotic Thyroid Surgery, technique which he has pioneered.

I t is an honour for Nagpur and for India, that Impressed by the work done by Dr. Madan Kapre and his team at Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop for last 15 years, Prof Tae participated in this years workshop. Prof Tae operated on one of the tribals of Melghat. Altogether 12 thyroid surgeries were performed out of which 5 were Total Thyroidectomies and 7 Hemithyroidectomies. All the surgeries were performed on tribals of Melghat region, totally free of cost. 40 delegates from all parts of the country attended the workshop. There was one delegate from Afganistan.

Indian Faculty included Dr. Madan Kapre renowned ENT Surgeon from Nagpur, Dr Prathamesh Pai Consultant Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Murad Lala Endocrine Surgeon, Hinjuda Hospital Mumbai, Dr. Jyoti Dabholkar, Prof. Emeritus KEM Hospital Mumbai, Prof. Deven Mahore, Dr. R.B. Deshmukh Consultant ENT Surgeon Nagpur and Dr. Abhishek Vaidya Head and Neck Oncosurgeon, Nagpur.

Prof. Sadhana Mahore, HOD Pathology, NKPSIMS, Nagpur and Dr. R Ravi Consultant Pathologist, Nagpur demonstrated Fine Needle Aspiration Techniques and conducted all the pathology tests for the patients. Dr. R. R. Khadelwal explained nuances of ultrasonology in Thyroid.

Anaesthesia Faculty included Dr. Vidula Kapre Director Neeti Clinics Nagpur, Dr. Shubhada Deshmukh, Dr. Mrunalini Wani and Dr. Ruchi Sharan. Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia for Thyroid Surgery was demonstrated. All Faculty including Prof. Tae and all delegates showed a lot of interest in this Anaesthesia technique.

3rd World Congress on Thyroid Cancer was recently concluded at Boston, USA. This congress is held once in four years and this year special Indian Subcontinent Session was organized with Dr. Madan Kapre as its Chairman. Dr. Kapre delivered key note address on “The Thyroid Gurukool & quot; – Teaching Thyroid Surgery in a Tribal Setting based on work done at “Annual Thyroid Surgical Workshop” held in Melghat for the Tribals of that region. It is now recognized internationally as a unique teaching module for ENT and Head and Neck Surgeons who wish to undergo special training in Thyroid Surgery.

Other faculty from Nagpur for this Congress were Dr. Neeti Kapre Gupta who presented a paper “Imaging, Pathological & Clinical Correlation in Thyroid”. Dr. Vidula Kapre gave a talk on “Awake Thyroidectomy” using Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia. Dr. Abhishek Vaidya conducted the proceedings. He also took part in Panel Discussion on “Dilemmas in Diagnosis and Initial Management of Thyroid Cancer”. Apart from them there were faculties from reputed institutions from our country, notably amongst them were Prof. Amit Agrawal SGPGI Lucknow, Prof. Prathamesh Pai, Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai and Prof. Varghese from Trivandrum.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan also were part of the symposia.

The performance and presentation of Indian Subcontinent Session was greatly appreciated. At the concluding ceremony Indian Subcontinent session was declared best of all sessions. It was also decided that henceforth every world congress will have a Indian Subcontinent Session.

This is a special honor for Nagpur as it is really the birth place of Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons.


Dr. Madan Kapre
Dr.Prathamesh Pai
Dr. K.K. Thankkappan
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