Indian Society Of Thyroid Surgeons


Thyroid Masterclass for the learners and the learned”, an international live webinar was organized by the Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons

on 27th June 2020

Stalwarts in Thyroid Surgery from across the globe were faculty for this webinar.

  • Dr.Ashok Shaha – Prof.Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center NY
  • Prof Gregory Randolph – Professor of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Harvard University USA
  • Prof Neil Tolley – Senior ENT-Thyroid Surgeon Imperial College, London
  • Dr.MadanKapre- Director Neeti Clinics Nagpur
  • Dr.AnilD’Cruz – Ex Director Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai
  • Prof DevendraMahore- Prof ENT Chandrapur
  • Dr.Deepak Abraham- Prof CMC, Vellore
  • Dr.Abhishek Vaidya – Head and Neck Surgeon National Cancer Institute Nagpur

The programme was high on academic content. Record number of more than 1500 participants logged in to view this webinar. The interactive session with audience it-self lasted for about an hour. The audience was participating from UK/USA/Australia/Dubai/Malaysia and Ireland. All important aspects of Thyroid Cancer Management were extensively covered. It offered valuable tips to both the learners and the learned

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